PMDK C++ bindings  1.9.1
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
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pmem::obj::experimental Namespace Reference

Experimental implementations. More...


class  v
 pmem::obj::experimental::v - volatile resides on pmem class. More...


template<class T >
void swap (v< T > &a, v< T > &b)
 Swaps two v objects of the same type. More...

Detailed Description

Experimental implementations.

It contains implementations, which are not yet ready to be used in production. They may be not finished, not fully tested or still in discussion. It is located within pmem::obj namespace.

Function Documentation

◆ swap()

template<class T >
void pmem::obj::experimental::swap ( v< T > &  a,
v< T > &  b 

Swaps two v objects of the same type.

Non-member swap function as required by Swappable concept.