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pmem::obj::experimental::concurrent_map< Key, Value, Comp, Allocator > Class Template Reference

Persistent memory aware implementation of Intel TBB concurrent_map. More...

#include <libpmemobj++/experimental/concurrent_map.hpp>

Inherits detail::concurrent_skip_list< detail::map_traits< Key, Value, std::less< Key >, detail::default_random_generator, pmem::obj::allocator< detail::pair< const Key, Value >>, false, 64 > >.

Public Member Functions

 concurrent_map ()=default
 Default constructor.
 concurrent_map (const concurrent_map &table)
 Copy constructor.
 concurrent_map (concurrent_map &&table)
 Move constructor.
 concurrent_map (const key_compare &comp, const allocator_type &alloc=allocator_type())
 Construct the empty map.
template<class InputIt >
 concurrent_map (InputIt first, InputIt last, const key_compare &comp=Comp(), const allocator_type &alloc=allocator_type())
 Constructs the map with the contents of the range [first, last).
 concurrent_map (std::initializer_list< value_type > ilist)
 Constructs the map with initializer list.
concurrent_mapoperator= (const concurrent_map &other)
 Assignment operator.
concurrent_mapoperator= (concurrent_map &&other)
 Move-assignment operator.

Detailed Description

template<typename Key, typename Value, typename Comp = std::less<Key>, typename Allocator = pmem::obj::allocator<detail::pair<const Key, Value>>>
class pmem::obj::experimental::concurrent_map< Key, Value, Comp, Allocator >

Persistent memory aware implementation of Intel TBB concurrent_map.

It is a sorted associative container that contains key-value pairs with unique keys. Keys are sorted by using the comparison function Compare. Search, removal, and insertion operations have average logarithmic complexity. Everywhere the concurrent_map uses the Compare requirements, uniqueness is determined by using the equivalence relation. In imprecise terms, two objects a and b are considered equivalent (not unique) if neither compares less than the other: !comp(a, b) && !comp(b, a).

The implementation is based on the lock-based concurrent skip list algorithm described in Our concurrent skip list implementation supports concurrent insertion and traversal, but not concurrent erasure. The erase method is prefixed with unsafe_, to indicate that there is no concurrency safety.

Each time, the pool with concurrent_map is being opened, the concurrent_map requires runtime_initialize() to be called in order to restore the map state after process restart.

Key, Value, Comp and Allcoator types should be persistent memory aware types. Allocator type should satisfies the named requirements ( The allocate() and deallocate() methods are called inside transactions.

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