PMDK C++ bindings  1.10.1
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
detail Directory Reference


file  array_traits.hpp [code]
 Common array traits.
file  atomic_backoff.hpp [code]
 Atomic backoff, for time delay.
file  check_persistent_ptr_array.hpp [code]
 Compile time type check for make_persistent.
file  common.hpp [code]
 Commonly used functionality.
file  conversions.hpp [code]
 Commonly used conversions.
file  ctl.hpp [code]
 C++ ctl api.
file  enumerable_thread_specific.hpp [code]
 A persistent version of thread-local storage.
file  integer_sequence.hpp [code]
 Create c++14 style index sequence.
file  iterator_traits.hpp [code]
 Common iterator traits.
file  life.hpp [code]
 Functions for destroying arrays.
file  make_atomic_impl.hpp [code]
 Implementation details of atomic allocation and construction.
file  pool_data.hpp [code]
 A volatile data stored along with pmemobjpool.
file  specialization.hpp [code]
 Helper template for persistent ptr specialization.
file  temp_value.hpp [code]
 temp_value template class for caching objects.
file  template_helpers.hpp [code]
 Commonly used SFINAE helpers.
file  variadic.hpp [code]
 Helper functionality for handling variadic templates.
file  volatile_state.hpp [code]
 A volatile state for persistent objects.