PMDK C++ bindings  1.13.0-git107.g7e59f08f
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
make_persistent_atomic.hpp File Reference

persistent_ptr atomic allocation functions for objects. More...

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 Persistent memory namespace.
 Main libpmemobj namespace.


template<typename T , typename... Args>
void pmem::obj::make_persistent_atomic (pool_base &pool, typename detail::pp_if_not_array< T >::type &ptr, allocation_flag_atomic flag, Args &&... args)
 Atomically allocate and construct an object. More...
template<typename T , typename... Args>
std::enable_if<!detail::is_first_arg_same< allocation_flag_atomic, Args... >::value >::type pmem::obj::make_persistent_atomic (pool_base &pool, typename detail::pp_if_not_array< T >::type &ptr, Args &&... args)
 Atomically allocate and construct an object. More...
template<typename T >
void pmem::obj::delete_persistent_atomic (typename detail::pp_if_not_array< T >::type &ptr) noexcept
 Atomically deallocate an object. More...

Detailed Description

persistent_ptr atomic allocation functions for objects.

The typical usage examples would be:

#include <fcntl.h>
using namespace pmem::obj;
struct compound_type {
compound_type(int val, double dval)
: some_variable(val), some_other_variable(dval)
set_some_variable(int val)
some_variable = val;
p<int> some_variable;
p<double> some_other_variable;
/* pool root structure */
struct root {
persistent_ptr<compound_type> comp;
/* create a pmemobj pool */
auto pop = pool<root>::create("poolfile", "layout", PMEMOBJ_MIN_POOL);
auto proot = pop.root();
/* typical usage schemes */
/* atomic allocation and construction with arguments passing */
make_persistent_atomic<compound_type>(pop, proot->comp, 1, 2.0);
/* atomic object deallocation, ~compound_type() is not called */
/* error prone cases */
transaction::run(pop, [&] {
/* possible invalid state in case of transaction abort */
make_persistent_atomic<compound_type>(pop, proot->comp, 1, 1.3);
static void run(obj::pool_base &pool, std::function< void()> tx, Locks &... locks)
Execute a closure-like transaction and lock locks.
Definition: transaction.hpp:676
static pool< T > create(const std::string &path, const std::string &layout, std::size_t size=PMEMOBJ_MIN_POOL, mode_t mode=DEFAULT_MODE)
Creates a new transactional object store pool.
Definition: pool.hpp:694
persistent_ptr atomic allocation functions for objects.
Main libpmemobj namespace.
Definition: allocation_flag.hpp:18
Resides on pmem property template.
Persistent smart pointer.
C++ pmemobj pool.
C++ pmemobj transactions.