pmemkv is a local/embedded key-value datastore optimized for persistent memory. Rather than being tied to a single language or backing implementation, pmemkv provides different options for language bindings and storage engines.

The C API of pmemkv is documented in the manuals and the C++ API is documented in the form of Doxygen documentation:

for the current master:

for the latest stable branch (1.5):

For older documentation see below.

Language Bindings

Up-to-date overview information about language bindings for pmemkv can be found in pmemkv’s README on GitHub.

Each of bindings has its own detailed API documentation on

or just a readme (on GitHub’s repository page):

Performance reports

Available performance measurements can be found in ‘reports’ sub-section.

Blog entries

The following blog articles relates to pmemkv:

Releases’ support status

Only some of the latest branches/releases are fully supported. The most recent releases can be found on the “releases” tab on the Github page.

Version branch First release date Last patch release Maintenance status
stable-1.5 Jul 27, 2021 N/A Full
stable-1.4 Feb 15, 2021 N/A Full
stable-1.3 Oct 02, 2020 N/A Full
stable-1.2 May 29, 2020 1.2.1 (Jul 06, 2021) EOL
stable-1.1 Jan 31, 2020 1.1.1 (Jun 28, 2021) EOL
stable-1.0 Oct 4, 2019 1.0.3 (Oct 06, 2020) EOL

Possible statuses:

  1. Full maintenance:
    • All/most of bugs fixed (if possible),
    • Patch releases issued based on a number of fixes and their severity,
    • At least one release at the end of the maintenance period,
    • Full support for at least a year since the initial release.
  2. Limited scope:
    • Only critical bugs (security, data integrity, etc.) will be backported,
    • Patch versions will be released when needed (based on severity of found issues),
    • Branch will remain in “limited maintanance” status based on original release availability in popular distros,
  3. EOL:
    • No support,
    • No bug fixes,
    • No official releases.

Older documentation

For branch stable-1.4:

For branch stable-1.3:

Archived documentation

For version 1.2.1:

For version 1.1.1:

For version 1.0.3: