Discontinuation of the project

The pmemkv-java library will no longer be maintained by Intel.

  • Intel has ceased development and contributions including, but not limited to, maintenance, bug fixes, new releases, or updates, to this project.
  • Intel no longer accepts patches to this project.
  • If you have an ongoing need to use this project, are interested in independently developing it, or would like to maintain patches for the open source software community, please create your own fork of this project.
  • You will find more information here.


Java bindings for pmemkv, using Java Native Interface.

pmemkv is a local/embedded key-value datastore optimized for persistent memory.

Current code of pmemkv-java can be accessed on github page.

The API of pmemkv-java binding is documented in the following docs:

  • master - it implements additional API of libpmemkv (and requires min. version of 1.4)
  • v1.2 - it implements additional API of libpmemkv (and requires min. version of 1.4)
  • v1.1 - it is functionally equivalent to libpmemkv 1.0
  • v1.0 - it is functionally equivalent to libpmemkv 1.0

Releases’ support status

Currently all branches/releases are fully supported. Latest releases can be seen on the “releases” tab on the Github page.

Version branchFirst release dateLast patch releaseMaintenance status
stable-1.2Jul 02, 2021N/AEOL
stable-1.1Jun 08, 2021N/AEOL
stable-1.0Jun 30, 20211.0.1 (Mar 12, 2021)EOL

Possible statuses:

  1. Full maintenance:
    • All/most of bugs fixed (if possible),
    • Patch releases issued based on a number of fixes and their severity,
    • At least one release at the end of the maintenance period,
    • Full support for at least a year since the initial release.
  2. Limited scope:
    • Only critical bugs (security, data integrity, etc.) will be backported,
    • Patch versions will be released when needed (based on severity of found issues),
    • Branch will remain in “limited maintenance” status based on the original release availability in popular distros,
  3. EOL:
    • No support,
    • No bug fixes,
    • No official releases.

Blog entries

The following blog articles relates to pmemkv-java:

The contents of this web site and the associated GitHub repositories are BSD-licensed open source.