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pmempool-rm - Remove (unlink) poolset files


pmempool rm [<options>] <file>..


The pmempool invoked with rm command removes (unlinks) all files specified in command line arguments. If the specified file is a poolset file all parts will be removed. All files are removed using the unlink (3) call. Without specifying the -i|--interactive option, the rm command prompts only before removing write-protected files. If specified file does not exist the rm command terminates with error code. The -f|--force command ignores non-existing files and never prompts before removing a file. See EXAMPLES section for example usage of the rm command.

Available options:

-h, --help

Print help message.

-v, --verbose

Be verbose and print all removing files.

-s, --only-pools

Remove only pool files and do not remove poolset files.

-f, --force

Remove all specified files, ignore not existing files, never prompt.

-i, --interactive

Prompt before removing every single file.


pmempool rm pool.obj pool.blk

# Remove specified pool files

pmempool rm -s pool.set

# Remove all pool files from the pool.set, do not remove pool.set itself.


pmempool(1) pmempool-create(1)


Part of the pmempool(1) suite.

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