pmem Tools

The PMDK repository on GitHub is the ultimate source of information on PMDK from release 2.0! For all questions and to submit eventual issues please follow to that repository. The PMDK documentation collected here should be valid up to the 1.13.1 release but is maintained only on a best-effort basis and may not reflect the latest state of the art.


pmempool-convert - Convert pool files from old layout versions to the newest one.


pmempool convert <file>


The pmempool invoked with the convert command performs a conversion of the specified pool to the newest layout supported by this tool. Currently only libpmemobj(3) pools are supported. It is advised to have a backup of the pool before conversion. The conversion process is not fail-safe - power interruption may damage the pool.


pmempool convert pool.obj

# Updates pool.obj to the latest layout version.


pmempool(1) pmempool-info(1) libpmemobj(3)


Part of the pmempool(1) suite.

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