Persistent Memory Development Kit

The librpmem library

librpmem provides low-level support for remote access to persistent memory (pmem) utilizing RDMA-capable RNICs. The library can be used to replicate remotely a memory region over RDMA protocol. It utilizes appropriate persistency mechanism based on remote node’s platform capabilities. The librpmem utilizes the ssh client to authenticate a user on remote node and for encryption of connection’s out-of-band configuration data. See SSH section for details.

This library is for applications that use remote persistent memory directly, without the help of any library-supplied transactions or memory allocation. Higher-level libraries that build on libpmem are available and are recommended for most applications, see:

Man pages that contains a list of the Linux interfaces provided:

The rpmemd utility

The rpmemd process is executed on target node by librpmem library over ssh(1) and facilitates access to persistent memory over RDMA.

See the rpmemd man page for current master documentation and examples or see older version:

librpmem Examples

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