The PMDK repository on GitHub is the ultimate source of information on PMDK from release 2.0! For all questions and to submit eventual issues please follow to that repository. The PMDK documentation collected here should be valid up to the 1.13.1 release but is maintained only on a best-effort basis and may not reflect the latest state of the art.

Discontinuation of the project

The libpmemset project will no longer be maintained by Intel.

  • Intel has ceased development and contributions including, but not limited to, maintenance, bug fixes, new releases, or updates, to this project.
  • Intel no longer accepts patches to this project.
  • If you have an ongoing need to use this project, are interested in independently developing it, or would like to maintain patches for the open source software community, please create your own fork of this project.
  • You will find more information here.

The libpmemset library

libpmemset aims to provide the core functionality any persistent application should have.

This library is only available on two code branches:

It’d be the best choice to use the most recent release from these two branches - 1.12.1.

Man pages that contain a list of the Linux interfaces provided:

Man pages that contain a list of the Windows interfaces provided:

The contents of this web site and the associated GitHub repositories are BSD-licensed open source.