The PMDK repository on GitHub is the ultimate source of information on PMDK from release 2.0! For all questions and to submit eventual issues please follow to that repository. The PMDK documentation collected here should be valid up to the 1.13.1 release but is maintained only on a best-effort basis and may not reflect the latest state of the art.

The libpmempool library

libpmempool provides a set of utilities for management, diagnostics and repair of persistent memory pools. By pool in this context we mean pmemobj pool, pmemblk pool, pmemlog pool or BTT layout, independent of the underlying storage. The libpmempool is for applications that need high reliability or built-in troubleshooting. It may be useful for testing and debugging purposes also.

NOTE: Support for Windows and FreeBSD are deprecated since PMDK 1.13.0 release and was removed in the PMDK 2.0.0 release.

Each of the following man pages contain an example and a list of the OS-specific interfaces:

For up-to-date libpmempool example and its building steps, please see GitHub repository “examples” directory.

Please note:

If you are rather looking for a standalone tool instead of a library, see pmempool.

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