Documentation for ndctl and daxctl


cxl-list - List CXL capable memory devices, and their attributes in json.


cxl list [<options>]

Walk the CXL capable device hierarchy in the system and list all device instances along with some of their major attributes.


# cxl list --memdevs


-m; --memdev=
Specify a cxl memory device name to filter the listing. For example:

# cxl list --memdev=mem0

-M; --memdevs
Include CXL memory devices in the listing

-i; --idle
Include idle (not enabled / zero-sized) devices in the listing

-H; --health
Include health information in the memdev listing. Example listing:

# cxl list -m mem0 -H

-u; --human
By default the command will output machine-friendly raw-integer data. Instead, with this flag, numbers representing storage size will be formatted as human readable strings with units, other fields are converted to hexadecimal strings.

-v; --verbose
Emit more debug messages


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