PMDK C++ bindings  1.9.1
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
pmem::obj::pool< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for pmem::obj::pool< T >, including all inherited members.

check(const std::string &path, const std::string &layout)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
check(const std::wstring &path, const std::wstring &layout)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
create(const std::string &path, const std::string &layout, std::size_t size=PMEMOBJ_MIN_POOL, mode_t mode=DEFAULT_MODE)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
create(const std::wstring &path, const std::wstring &layout, std::size_t size=PMEMOBJ_MIN_POOL, mode_t mode=DEFAULT_MODE)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
ctl_exec(const std::string &name, M arg)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
ctl_exec(const std::wstring &name, M arg)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
ctl_get(const std::string &name)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
ctl_get(const std::wstring &name)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
ctl_set(const std::string &name, M arg)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
ctl_set(const std::wstring &name, M arg)pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
open(const std::string &path, const std::string &layout)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
open(const std::wstring &path, const std::wstring &layout)pmem::obj::pool< T >inlinestatic
operator=(const pool &) noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >
operator=(pool &&) noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >
pool() noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >
pool(const pool &) noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >
pool(pool &&) noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >
pool(const pool_base &pb) noexceptpmem::obj::pool< T >inlineexplicit
pool(pool_base &&pb) noexceptpmem::obj::pool< T >inlineexplicit
root()pmem::obj::pool< T >inline
~pool() noexcept=defaultpmem::obj::pool< T >