PMDK C++ bindings  1.11.1
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
pmem::obj::vector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for pmem::obj::vector< T >, including all inherited members.

add_data_to_tx(size_type idx_first, size_type num)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
alloc(size_type size)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
assign(InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >
assign(std::initializer_list< T > ilist)pmem::obj::vector< T >
assign(const vector &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
assign(vector &&other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
assign(const std::vector< T > &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
assign(size_type count, const_reference value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
at(size_type n)pmem::obj::vector< T >
at(size_type n) constpmem::obj::vector< T >
back()pmem::obj::vector< T >
back() constpmem::obj::vector< T >
begin()pmem::obj::vector< T >
begin() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
capacity() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
cback() constpmem::obj::vector< T >
cbegin() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
cdata() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
cend() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
cfront() constpmem::obj::vector< T >
check_pmem()pmem::obj::vector< T >private
check_tx_stage_work()pmem::obj::vector< T >private
clear()pmem::obj::vector< T >
const_at(size_type n) constpmem::obj::vector< T >
construct_at_end(size_type count, Args &&... args)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
construct_at_end(InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
construct_or_assign(size_type idx, InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
crange(size_type start, size_type n) constpmem::obj::vector< T >
crbegin() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
crend() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
data()pmem::obj::vector< T >
data() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
dealloc()pmem::obj::vector< T >private
emplace(const_iterator pos, Args &&... args)pmem::obj::vector< T >
emplace_back(Args &&... args)pmem::obj::vector< T >
empty() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
end()pmem::obj::vector< T >
end() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
erase(const_iterator pos)pmem::obj::vector< T >
erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last)pmem::obj::vector< T >
for_each_ptr(for_each_ptr_function func)pmem::obj::vector< T >
free_data()pmem::obj::vector< T >
front()pmem::obj::vector< T >
front() constpmem::obj::vector< T >
get_pool() constpmem::obj::vector< T >private
get_recommended_capacity(size_type at_least) constpmem::obj::vector< T >private
insert(const_iterator pos, const T &value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
insert(const_iterator pos, T &&value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
insert(const_iterator pos, size_type count, const T &value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
insert(const_iterator pos, InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >
insert(const_iterator pos, std::initializer_list< T > ilist)pmem::obj::vector< T >
internal_insert(size_type idx, InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
max_size() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
move_elements_backward(pointer first, pointer last, pointer d_last)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
operator=(const vector &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
operator=(vector &&other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
operator=(std::initializer_list< T > ilist)pmem::obj::vector< T >
operator=(const std::vector< T > &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
operator[](size_type n)pmem::obj::vector< T >
operator[](size_type n) constpmem::obj::vector< T >
pop_back()pmem::obj::vector< T >
push_back(const T &value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
push_back(T &&value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
range(size_type start, size_type n)pmem::obj::vector< T >
range(size_type start, size_type n, size_type snapshot_size)pmem::obj::vector< T >
range(size_type start, size_type n) constpmem::obj::vector< T >
rbegin()pmem::obj::vector< T >
rbegin() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
realloc(size_type size)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
rend()pmem::obj::vector< T >
rend() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
reserve(size_type capacity_new)pmem::obj::vector< T >
resize(size_type count)pmem::obj::vector< T >
resize(size_type count, const value_type &value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
shrink(size_type size_new)pmem::obj::vector< T >private
shrink_to_fit()pmem::obj::vector< T >
size() const noexceptpmem::obj::vector< T >
swap(vector &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector()pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(size_type count, const value_type &value)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(size_type count)pmem::obj::vector< T >explicit
vector(InputIt first, InputIt last)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(const vector &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(vector &&other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(std::initializer_list< T > init)pmem::obj::vector< T >
vector(const std::vector< T > &other)pmem::obj::vector< T >
~vector()pmem::obj::vector< T >