PMDK C++ bindings  1.10.1
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
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utils.hpp File Reference

Libpmemobj C++ utils. More...

#include <libpmemobj++/persistent_ptr.hpp>
#include <libpmemobj++/pexceptions.hpp>
#include <libpmemobj/base.h>

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 Persistent memory namespace.
 Main libpmemobj namespace.


template<typename T >
pool_base pmem::obj::pool_by_vptr (const T *that)
 Retrieve pool handle for the given pointer. More...
template<typename T >
pool_base pmem::obj::pool_by_pptr (const persistent_ptr< T > ptr)
 Retrieve pool handle for the given persistent_ptr. More...

Detailed Description

Libpmemobj C++ utils.