PMDK C++ bindings  1.13.0-git85.g2ab46040
This is the C++ bindings documentation for PMDK's libpmemobj.
pmem::detail::thread_id_type Struct Reference

RAII-style structure for holding thread id. More...

#include <libpmemobj++/detail/enumerable_thread_specific.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 thread_id_type ()
 thread_id_type constructor. More...
 thread_id_type (const thread_id_type &)=delete
thread_id_typeoperator= (const thread_id_type &)=delete
 ~thread_id_type ()
 thread_id_type destructor. More...
size_t get ()
 Obtain current thread id.

Detailed Description

RAII-style structure for holding thread id.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ thread_id_type()

pmem::detail::thread_id_type::thread_id_type ( )

thread_id_type constructor.

Obtains id for current thread.

◆ ~thread_id_type()

pmem::detail::thread_id_type::~thread_id_type ( )

thread_id_type destructor.

Releases id associated with current thread.

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