Executing "ndctl sanitize-dimm" returns "security operation not supported"

Applies To

  • Linux
  • ndctl utility
  • Secure Erase/Crypto Erase


The ’ndctl sanitize-dimm’ command will securely erase the persistent data on one or more persistent memory devices. When executing the command, the following error is returned:

# ndctl sanitize-dimm all
  Error: nmem11: security operation not supported
  Error: nmem10: security operation not supported


To use this feature, you need a Linux Kernel v5.0.0 and ndctl version 64 or later. The feature is not implemented in earlier releases which is why the ‘security operation not supported’ is returned.

Details can be found here:


The secure erase operation can be initiated using the following methods, subject to vendor implementation:

  • Certain server OEMs provide a secure erase option in the BIOS
  • The ipmctl.efi utility for the UEFI shell may be available from your server OEM
  • Use ’ndctl sanitize’ on Linux using Kernel 5.0.0 or later with ndctl v64 or later.
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