Microsoft SQL Server 2019

This document provides links to information and resources for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (15.x) or later for Windows and Linux.

What’s New

SQL Server In-Memory Database technologies leverage modern hardware innovation to deliver unparalleled performance and scale. SQL Server 2019 (15.x) builds on earlier innovations in this area, such as in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP), to unlock a new level of scalability across all your database workloads.

New feature or updateDetails
Hybrid buffer poolNew feature of the SQL Server Database Engine where database pages sitting on database files placed on a persistent memory (PMEM) device will be directly accessed when required. See Hybrid buffer pool.
Memory-optimized TempDB metadataSQL Server 2019 (15.x) introduces a new feature that is part of the In-Memory Database feature family, memory-optimized TempDB metadata, which effectively removes this bottleneck and unlocks a new level of scalability for TempDB heavy workloads. In SQL Server 2019 (15.x), the system tables involved in managing temporary table metadata can be moved into latch-free non-durable memory-optimized tables. See Memory-Optimized TempDB Metadata.
In-Memory OLTP support for Database SnapshotSQL Server 2019 (15.x) introduces support for creating Database Snapshots of databases that include memory-optimized filegroups.


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