PMDK v1.11.0 Release

  • Date: 02 Jul, 2021

We’ve just released a new version of PMDK. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed. You can see the list of notable changes below:

This release:

  • Adds new APIs for libpmem2, most notably there are new functions to shrink and extend an existing reservation and a new iterator API for mappings contained within an existing reservation. There’s also a new function to retrieve a numa node for a source.
  • Makes the pmemobj_open() and pmemobj_close() functions from libpmemobj thread-safe, making it easier to correctly manage persistent memory pools in a parallel environment.
  • Introduces a new API in libpmemobj to globally change the method of assigning arenas to threads. The default is to rely on an OS per-thread key to store arena information, and this release introduces an option to avoid the use of thread-local keys by simply using one global arena for all threads in a pool.

Other changes and notable bug fixes:

  • pmem2: don’t force smaller alignment for fsdax mappings
  • rpmem: various fixes for powerpc64le
  • doc: fix documentation of pmem_is_pmem()
  • common: fix various minor problems found by static analysis

This release introduces no changes to the on-media layout and is fully compatible with the previous version of PMDK.

As always, this release is available on github: