PMemKV v1.3 Release

  • Date: 02 Oct, 2020

Hello Community,

I’m pleased to announce that pmemkv 1.3 has been released and is available from our GitHub pages.

This release introduces a new experimental engine - radix (single-threaded sorted map, backed by libpmemobj-cpp’s radix_tree container).

We have also extended the configuration class API and redesigned the optimized version of stree engine.


  • radix engine (single-threaded sorted map)
  • config setters with type safety for common config fields
  • stree engine optimization (single-threaded sorted map with custom comparator support)

Major fixes:

  • fixed operator== in stree engine
  • fixed missing checks in move assignment operators

Other changes:

  • operator« for pmem::kv::status

Known issues:

  • vcmap (github issues #623, #798)

Source code and detailed changelogs can be found here: