This open source project is dedicated to making persistent memory programming easier for application developers. Most of the activity is focused on the Persistent Memory Development Kit, which builds on the programming model for persistent memory recommended by the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Workgroup.

What is persistent memory? See the full definition used by this project on the Glossary page. In short, it is a tier between memory and storage, with attributes of both: it is byte-addressable like memory, and persistent like storage.

Contacting Us

This site and the Persistent Memory Development Kit project (PMDK) are open source projects that welcome contributions from anyone interested in persistent memory. They are currently under the technical leadership of Piotr Balcer of Intel. To find the source for a specific component of PMDK, see the repo index page.

  • Join our Google Group to participate in discussions on persistent memory programming, including the design of the libraries and future directions.
  • Join our #pmem Slack channel using this invite link.
  • Find us on IRC on the #pmem channel on OFTC.
  • Create an issue in the appropriate GitHub repo. If you are unsure which repo the issue belongs in, file it as a core PMDK issue.

More Info

The Documents page contains more information.